Imageomatic: badges for quality Rails apps


From zero to opengraph in under 5 minutes

Imageomatic is the fastest way to add opengraph images to your Rails applications. In just 5 minutes you can go from zero to having a great looking thumbnails for your site.


Quickly add Open Graph images to your Rails app.

$ bundle add imageomatic-rails
$ rails g imagomatic:install

Then add the following tags to your layouts/application.html.erb layouts:

<%= imageomatic_meta_tags %>

How to use

The titles can be set from the controller as follows:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  after_action :assign_opengraph_data

  def assign_opengraph_data
    opengraph.title = @item.title
    opengraph.description = @item.description

Or you can set it from your views:

  opengraph.title = @item.title
  opengraph.description = @item.description